In the latest Instagram dump, Kriti Sanon shows her charm in a beautiful sona chandi saree. Let's look at how Kriti styles her look in this classic drape.

Shine Like Kriti Sanon In ‘Sona Chandi’ Saree Worth Rs. 69,850

Kriti Sanon is not unknown to make heads turn with her fashion moments wherever she goes. And the latest in the wardrobe collection is timeless saree elegance. Redefining the saree trend, Kriti Sanon serves as a classic example in the so a chandi saree that you can wear where you wish. Let’s have a closer look.

Kriti Sanon’s Saree Look

Super stunning! Kriti Sanon, this time, wore a classic tissue saree from the clothing brand Pink City. This golden and silver contrasting saree looks enchanting. The sparkling border lace of the saree gives her saree a stylish appearance. She pairs her look with a halter neck blouse accentuating her beautiful shoulders. With this gold and silver look, Kriti Sanon balances grace and elegance. This beautiful Sona chandi saree comes with a hefty price tag of 69,850 rupees.

Shine Like Kriti Sanon In 'Sona Chandi' Saree Worth Rs. 69,850 873338

Shine Like Kriti Sanon In 'Sona Chandi' Saree Worth Rs. 69,850 873339

The queen of elegance increases this Sona chandi saree charm with the golden stud earrings and bangles. Kriti’s messy, sleek bun complements her appearance. Her shadowed eyes, smudgy eyeliner, shiny cheeks and nude peach lips give her look an extra dose of sophistication. In the snaps, Kriti Sanon spreads her sheer elegance with striking poses.

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