Unknown facts of Taimur Ali Khan

Take a Look At These Unkown Facts About Taimur Ali Khan

Taimur Ali Khan is the most adorable kid in Bollywood. He has achieved millions of fans following and people go crazy over him. He is overloaded with cuteness and slays in Bollywood with his cute expressions. He grabs our attention through his cute faces. He just takes several hearts over him. Taimur is getting naughty day by day and we just love him. He loves the camera and never feels shy in fact he poses for the camera and makes funky faces. Be it the most famous and handsome kid in Bollywood. At a very young age, he has millions of followers.

Take a look at the unknown facts of Taimur Ali Khan:

Taimur is just 3 years old.

He has dreamy eyes.

The meaning of his name Taimur in Turkish is Iron and Saif wanted his son to be as strong as iron.

He is fond of electric car and never leaves his house without it.

He has two babysitters and they work in shifts.

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