Twinkle Khanna is not only the star of Bollywood but a talented celebrity too!

Twinkle Khanna: You’re a shining star

Bollywood’s successful actress Twinkle Khanna is currently an author and a newspaper columnist. Twinkle has donned many hats since the start of her career. She started her career in acting in movies and then stepped into interior designing and then worked as film producer. She didn’t stop there and then ventured into writing books. Her writing work was so brilliant that Twinkle is regarded as one of the highest-selling female authors in India. She is the brand ambassador for L’Oreal.

Her first book was Mrs Funnybones. She is the one who always fights for problems of women and also writes about those problems in her books. Twinkle says that she reads a lot and that helps her to write well. She doesn’t have any role model and she believes that her ideologies have been built due to the books that she has read than the people she has met in her life. That’s why we say Twinkle Khanna is really a shining star who has won everyone’s hearts with her talent and hardwork.

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