Over the years the movie world has gifted us with some of its best stars we have ever known. These stars are loved not only due to their amazing acting and work on screen but also their cute families. One such family we know is of Yash and Radhika Pandit and we’re here to tell you more about it.

Yash and Radhika Pandit CUTE family pictures

The south Indian movie industry has truly gifted us with some of its finest actors and actresses over the past few years. Two such stars we know are Yash and Radhika Pandit and these stars are also a great couple together. Yash is one of the finest south Indian actors with movies like Rajadhani and Kirataka. On the other hand, Radhika Pandit is a phenomenal actress who has been part of movies like Addhuri and Mr. and Mrs. Ramachari.

They are blessed with two beautiful kids, first a baby girl and then a baby boy. We often come across pictures of the wonderful family on various platforms of social media and can’t help but aww at them for hrs to come. We all remember the time when Yash posted a video of Arya trying to wish everyone during Diwali in her own cute baby language and it took the internet by storm. We’re hoping to see their son too doing the same in the future.

We hope to see the wonderful family growing beautifully in the future too. Stay tuned ed with us for more updates on your favourite celebs.

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