One of the most popular and influential personalities in the entertainment industry, Dolly Singh is known for her relatable and humorous content. She recently gained attention with her new Instagram series, ‘Best Worst Date!’ Several episodes of the series had already garnered millions of views within a few days of the drop. Recently, Dolly hosted an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Instagram where she dropped a major hint about the second season of her Instagram series, “Best Worst Date!”

During the session, Dolly interacted with her fans, answering their questions, When asked about the next season of “Best Worst Date!,” Dolly gave a hint that left her followers buzzing with excitement. She wrote, “Gosh so many questions about this. I’m so happy! All I can say right now is. It’s definitely happening and you will be getting a date very soon.🥰”

The first part of “Best Worst Date!” received an overwhelming response from the audience, who resonated with her humorous take on the ups and downs of modern dating. With the promise of more entertaining content in the pipeline, fans are eagerly counting down the days until the release of the next season, eager to witness the comedic genius that she is known for.

OMG! Dolly Singh announces the Second Season of her Instagram series, Best Worst Date! 898200 OMG! Dolly Singh announces the Second Season of her Instagram series, Best Worst Date! 898201

Dolly’s influence goes beyond social media, as she has made a lasting impression with her performances, including her acclaimed role in ‘Thank You for Coming’. Shifting seamlessly across various content formats is not easy, but Dolly Singh has done it with grace and skill. Her ability to adapt and excel in different creative spaces highlights her versatility and dedication to her craft. ‘Best Worst Date!’ is a testament to Dolly’s diverse creativity, proving that she truly can do it all. As she continues to push boundaries and explore new horizons, fans eagerly await what this dynamic entertainer will come up with next.