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IWMBuzz reveals Salman Khan's per day earning. Read the story for more details

OMG: Salman Khan earns a whopping 7 crores per day

When it comes to the remuneration one of the highest-paid actors who still dominates that department continues to be Salman Khan. Khan is on a record-breaking spree, yet

After dominating the film industry this leading khan is now minting money in the Ad world. This time, he has broken the ceiling by becoming the highest-paid celebrity in the arena of brand endorsement. The megastar has been recently signed as the new brand ambassador of the fastest growing smartphone brand for an amount unheard of in India.

The celebrated star has been paid a whopping amount of Rs 7 crores (per day) by the smartphone brand – touted as the highest price paid to a celebrity in the brand world. The brand shoot usually goes on for 3 to 5 days and each day he charges 7 crores.

Well, this is not just one such brand but all his other endorsements too adhere to this exorbitant fee. His popularity amongst the youth is insane and it is his unattainable stardom that draws everyone to get him on board irrespective of whatever his charges maybe.

Usually, the brands shell out money as per the star’s popularity if the sources are to be believed most of the other popular stars are paid close to 3 to 4 cr for endorsements. Salman who is already busy with his film schedule makes out time for this.

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