Television heartthrob Karan Kundra recently posted on social media, praising superstar Ranveer Singh for his groundbreaking Bold Care advertisement. He hailed it as the “baap of all ads.” The advertisement focuses on men’s sexual health and wellness, and it has garnered significant attention. Karan Kundra wasted no time expressing his admiration for the bold initiative.

Karan is a prominent figure in the television industry. He recently expressed his appreciation for Ranveer Singh’s efforts to raise awareness about an important but often neglected aspect of men’s health. Karan posted a heartfelt message on his social media platform, congratulating Ranveer for taking the initiative to address the issue in a way that deeply resonates with the audience.

Karan Kundra’s post read, “The Krazzy Kollab we didn’t know we needed!!
The Baap of all Ads 😂🤣
Well Done baba!! @ranveersingh
What’s important is to talk about men’s sexual health, and having used our TV serials ka template to cut through all the noise, I’m all for it!!”

Karan echoed Ranveer’s sentiment that it’s a subject deserving attention and must be spoken about to generate maximum awareness among the male populace.

Ranveer’s collaboration with Bold Care has not only sparked conversations but also earned him immense praise from the industry peers like Karan Kundra, signifying the positive impact of such noble initiatives.