Kim Kardashian’s fans will get to take a quiz about their favourite star here.

Answer These Questions: How Well Do You Know Kim Kardashian?

Kim Kardashian the amazing American actress and media personality has had a great career. Her online and social media popularity has grown by leaps and bounds with the passing years. Kim is a successful businesswoman who has achieved quite a lot with her acumen put in the display.

Well for all the Kim fans out here, we give you a test to prove that you know your favourite star Kim Kardashian the best!!

Are you ready to answer these questions? Here you go!!

How old was Kim when she got married for the first time?

Who is Kim’s idol?

In what city did Kim and Kanye fall in love?

Which Kanye West’s song is Kim’s favourite?

What was the name of the single that Kim released in the year 2011?

How many days were Kim and Kris Humphries married before she filed for divorce?

Who designed Kim’s wedding dress when she married Kanye?

What kind of life-threatening conditions did Kim have during her pregnancies?

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