With the widespread of Coronavirus, the Thanos’s finger snap resembles today’s situation…

The Coronavirus scare has an eerie resemblance with Thanos’s finger snap: We tell you how?

At the end of Avengers: Infinity War, the villain Thanos acquired the infinity stones for a gauntlet that let him snap his fingers and turn half the population to dust. Thanos had simple reasoning to destroy half the population. The reason was, on a planet with more people than resources, the survivors will have more than they need and that solves most of the problems around the world. Also, it would help nature regain its lost balance.

With the outbreak of the Coronavirus all around the world and an increasing number of people succumbing to the pandemic, it certainly resembles Thanos’s finger snap to wipe out a part of the human population. The pandemic has no vaccine as of yet and the number of people falling prey to it is on a continuous rise. With such an increase in the number of humans getting affected, it seems like the virus is killing the population to get nature back in its original beauty and to bring all-round balance on earth. Well, it certainly feels relatable as the pollution has gone down due to the shutdown, the flora and fauna are thriving and humans are locked down. In the end, the survivors will evolve and have more at their disposal just like Avengers: Infinity War.

Isn’t the resemblance scary? Let us know.

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