Actors indulge in Hamaaray Zamaanay Wali stories.

Farah Khan, Anil Kapoor And Shilpa Shetty Open Up On ‘Hamaray Zamanay Mai’ Wali Stories: Read

Farah Khan is a great host to be with!! She not only gets the guests sweating with her tough and cheeky questions but also expects them to come up with the best of answers. Recently, a video of Farah roasting Anil Kapoor and Shilpa Shetty went viral wherein Farah was seen asking them about the ‘Hamaaray Zamanay Wali’ stories.

Anil Kapoor shared anecdotes of having dropped his kids to school regularly. Farah pointed at Shilpa and said that she too drops her kid often to school. All of this ended up in their phase as a student when they used to never get the luxuries of car and bus and how they used to go by BTC buses and even walk all the way.

Check the video here to have all the fun!!

Do you like Farah’s questions and Anil and Shilpa’s answers?