Which movie, according to you, had the best CGI between Godzilla and Jurassic Park?

Godzilla VS Jurassic Park: Which Hollywood Film Had The Best Realistic Feel?

Godzilla is a monster, and it’s a mythical monster based on a Japanese myth. To date, there have been approx 30 more or less Godzilla films. People have not been able to connect with Godzilla as they did with the Jurassic Park franchise because it’s a way of storytelling. It was mostly directed with the focus on the monster lurking in the depths of Pacific waters. The direction, as well as the making of the movie, mainly was shot in the pre-CGI. Many alterations have been made to the story and are told in numerous avatars, but they seem like a utopian dream.

Jurassic Park was the one franchise that Steven Spielberg got inspired by Godzilla and made the film. But it seemed more realistic because the big lizard kings seem to look more natural, and the story felt homely to the masses. There was revolutionization in a computer, and CGI developed better and; hence Jurassic franchise seemed more badass.

Compared to Godzilla, the battles from Jurassic seem more attractive, and Godzilla was merely an irrational fear of the Japanese rather than like Americans who showed trying to model with nature felt riskier.

Which of the two films have the best CGI? Godzilla or Jurassic Park. Vote Now.

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