Vote for your favorite fiction film between Jurassic Park and Godzilla

Jurassic Park Vs Godzilla: Which Creature Movie Series Is Your Favorite?

Jurassic Park is a viral 1993 science fiction film directed by Steven Spielberg. The film is inspired by the 1990 novel by Michael Crichton. It starts with the humans trying to recreate and bring the dinosaur back to life on Isla Nublar. They create an experience from genes found from extinct dinosaur species and create a park. There are numerous franchises to the film, each being a super successful one. Currently, the series is also known as Jurassic World featuring Chris Pratt.
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Godzilla is the longest-running Japanese franchise to have been ongoing since 1954. The story is based on a monster, a fictional kaiju character named Godzilla. There have been to date 35 installments of the film and a few more on the way. The film is more focused on action and not the characters. It is packed with adventure and is one of the most famous film series to be released. The earlier films had poor graphic representation, yet they were the best and very well received and critically acclaimed by the audience.

Which of the two iconic franchises of Jurassic Park or Godzilla is your favorite? Vote Now.

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