Photographer Rohan Shreshtha was the victim of Ranveer Singh's cunning photoshop technique. Recently, Rohan posted images from Lionel Messi's photoshoot

See what Ranveer Singh did after Rohan Shrestha posted a photo with Messi

In Qatar, Ranveer Singh had a blast cheering on his favorite side as his wife Deepika Padukone unveiled the trophy for the FIFA World Cup 2022. Ranveer, a self-professed lover of Messi, was seen leaving comments on Rohan Shrestha’s images of the talented footballer.

What appears to have happened, though, is that he had a serious FOMO moment and ended up photoshopping himself into Rohan’s image of Messi! Keep reading to find out the outcome if you’re interested.

Following Argentina’s star Lionel Messi’s victory at the FIFA World Cup 2022, Indian photographer Rohan Shrestha recently revealed some shots from a photo shoot with the player. In a lengthy commentary accompanying the photographs, Rohan described photographing the international player as a unique experience in his life. In the meantime, Ranveer Singh, an actor, used his unique technique to pull Rohan’s leg.

Ranveer Singh photoshops images with Lionel Messi and Rohan Shrestha

On Friday, Ranveer posted a picture of Messi, Rohan, and himself on Instagram. In the image, which at the time just showed Messi and Rohan, the actor used the product of retouching. The actor from Cirkus added, “Just because you know photoshop doesn’t mean you photoshop me out @rohanshrestha,” besides the image.

Ranveer Singh’s post left Rohan Shrestha laughing out loud. He commented on his post, “HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHAH.” Siddhanth Kapoor left many laughing emojis in the comments section and called it the “post of the day.” One Instagram user commented on the photo,” Hahahahaha, the arm on his shoulder.”

Rohan Shrestha shared two monochrome pictures of Lionel Messi and a selfie with Lionel Messi. In the third picture, Rohan is capturing Lionel Messi’s sitting picture. He also shared a video of Messi taking the position at the football ground and a video of the audience cheering for him. He also captured a trophy-kissing picture of Lionel Messi.

Ranveer Singh’s Work Front

The movie Cirkus, starring Ranveer Singh, opened in theatres on Friday. The comedy of errors by William Shakespeare served as the basis for the film, which Rohit Shetty directed. But, unfortunately, the movie has a sluggish start at the box office.