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IWMBuzz asks you which is Deepika Padukone's best look between Mastani and Padmavati. Check out the photos for more details

Mastani Vs Padmavati: Which Is The Best Deepika Padukone’s Look?

When it comes to gorgeousness, elegance, charm, and confidence all compiled in one lady, Deepika Padukone fits in as the quintessential example. The perfect blend of talent, looks, potential, and hard work, Deepika has certainly come a long way forward in her career courtesy all these. Confidence oozes out of her like anything whenever she wears any outfit as she has it in her to make even the simplest of outfits extravagant.

She started her career-long back in 2007 opposite the ‘Badshah of Bollywood’ but today owing to her hard work and determination, she has herself earned the tag of the ‘Queen Of Bollywood’. She has done quite a lot of films with her hubby-dearest, Ranveer Singh, much to the delight of her fans, and two of the most special ones among them happen to be Bajirao Mastani and Padmavaat.

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The common thing with Deepika in both of the films is that she’s looked extremely elegant in both and has oozed out royal vibes. But, if as an audience, you had to pick the best one between these two, which one would you pick?

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Check out the photos below before taking that all-important call –


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