Take a look at the stunning video of Huma Qureshi clearing the doubt about Monica in her new film

The famous and marvelous-looking actress of the Bollywood film industry, Huma Qureshi, is rocking the industry and has become a prominent star of the industry. She has appeared in numerous films and is praised for her mind-blowing performances and roles in her films. The Diva received a lot of accolades for her work in the industry and has mesmerized us with her superb performances. The Diva was recently seen in her films Double XL and Monica, O My Darling.

Huma Qureshi’s latest film Monica, O My Darling, released on Netflix, and she is playing the role of Monica Machado. The Diva talked about her role in an interview. She stated, “Monica is not a Vamp, infact we have a huge problem with the word vamp because why are we, you know, seeing her through that lens? She’s just like anybody else in life and just wants the best for herself, and she will do whatever it takes very much like the other characters in the film.

Just because maybe she is, more desirable looking or comes in that kind of a “beauty package”, I guess we have a way of looking at beautiful women through a certain lens who are not afraid to use sexuality to get what they want and we call them hence vamps. But men do the same thing all the time and we never label them or feel the need to label them with such a derogatory term.” Huma Qureshi is a fantastic star and just looks superb and expresses her thoughts.

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