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Here's how Narendra Modi missed Rishi Kapoor by just 2 days

Narendra Modi wishes Rishi Kapoor a speedy recovery

The last few days have seen Narendra Modi literally not move an inch from people’s television screens, and why not. The fact that a wonderful association has happened with the Indian diaspora in the USA, as well as with Donald Trump, has led to the entire country shouting and trending HowdyModi, and Rishi Kapoor is no exception.

Rishi Kapoor too praised Narendra Modi for this wonderful association and the reply from Modi will make you understand the love & respect PM Modi has for Rishi ji. Rishi Kapoor returned to India only recently after recovering from cancer and it was just two days later that Narendra Modi visited U.S.A. Modi shared his feelings regarding missing out on meeting with Rishi Kapoor and wrote –

Rishi Kapoor is currently enjoying with family and friends, something he has missed for the longest time in U.S.A. For more such updates, stay tuned to

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