Know why the fans of Ajith Kumar and Vijay fought on Twitter.

Reasons Behind Ajith Kumar And Vijay’s Fans Fighting On Twitter

Ajith Kumar is also known as Thala and has achieved popularity and fame in the industry. He has appeared in 50 films and won several accolades for his work. He has been successful in his career and is ruling the industry with his killer sassy looks. Vijay is a talented actor. He is a dancer, singer, and actor. He is known as Thalapathy. He has done 64 films and has received several awards for his films.

Ajith and Vijay’s fans keep on fighting as they want to show that their star is very popular and is more powerful than others. They want to prove that their particular star is higher than anyone and has achieved great success in their career. Fans of both actors keep fighting on social media by trolling the actors’ work and performance in movies. If the particular actor’s movie fails or becomes successful, they troll each other. They purposely create memes and videos just to make their star most powerful and popular. Both the stars are unique and have achieved fame in their own work, but fans fight, and unnecessarily they have been trolled by each other’s fans. The fight is either started by Ajith’s fans or Vijay’s fans, and then it becomes a major issue, and the actors face problems due to it.

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