Sai Tamhankar the Marathi actor is a sight to behold when she is dressed to kill!! And when she is on a vacation, she simply loves Nature and enjoys the time she is with Nature. Today she posts a picture from the middle of the sea, as she travels in a boat. Being an avid sea lover, Sai loves looking at the oceans, blue sky and of course the seagulls in the air!!

What caught her attention here was the seagulls and beauty they created in the wide sky. She is seen watching the birds silently, flying in the sky.

She captions her post that reads,

Just me looking at the seagulls like a kid !

#saitamhankar #sealover #shippiesdaughter #misshim #sometimes
19 h

Check the pictures here.

Picture Courtesy: Instagram

Well, are you a bird watcher like Sai? Do you love the seagulls in action?