These Bollywood stars are well-known not just for their superb acting abilities but also for their distinctive appearances, which help them stand out from the crowd.

Change goes by the name of fashion. Fashion establishes new trends and repeats itself. In terms of Bollywood itself, the association between Bollywood stars and Beard is quite recent. If you’re talking about the 1990s, then every movie hero at the time had a clean-shaven appearance. Before it, no period of cinema had ever featured a hero sporting a beard. But gradually, things started to change. Almost every movie star today will be spotted preserving your Beardman style in this age of change.

In actuality, a beard not only completes a man’s identity but also provides him a macho appearance. Even in a sea of thousands of people, a beard helps you stand out, but individuals with magnificent beards are occasionally identified by their facial hair.

Vicky Kaushal’s appearance exudes a desire to go all out, and you may copy his perfectly groomed and well-groomed beard look.

Varun Dhawan wears a dapper look right now with his scruffy beard and clipped moustache.

Ranveer Singh, who enjoys maintaining facial hair and dislikes a naked face, looks best with a medium beard.

Kartik Aryan’s long, well-groomed beard, which enhances that gorgeous jawline, makes him stick out in a crowd full of fashionable men.

In contrast to the stubble, Shahid Kapoor’s long sideburns give him a dynamic and contemporary appearance..

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