Leonardo DiCaprio is a massive star who has fans all over the world. The audience loves him for his acting and dashing personality. While the audience majorly adores his young self from the 90s. Leo was one huge crush of girls in the 90s. In contrast, the actor is yet in the headlines for his surprising rumored relationship with top model Gigi Hadid. The rumors about the couple are all over the web.

However, Leonardo DiCaprio looks dashing, and one cannot deny his charm. The charismatic star has always startled the audience with his appearance. While the throwback picture of Leonardo DiCaprio is a treat to watch. While rumors of the couple dating are floating on the web as Leonardo DiCaprio attended the Milan Fashion Week, where Gigi walked the ramp.

Resuming the main agenda of the article. As we stated, Leonardo DiCaprio was the major crush in the 90s. So here we share the hot picture of Leonardo DiCaprio from his young self.

This picture is from when Leonardo DiCaprio shared his naked picture. The black and white monochrome picture oozes hotness in a shirtless avatar. The young Leonardo flaunted his bare body, making girls gaga over his looks. In comparison, the one thing that attracted eyes was his edgy jawline. At the same time, the best thing about the throwback picture is his hair. Leonardo DiCaprio is surely a stunner. This picture made a trend to follow, and people used his style to impress girls.

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