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What is Kapil Sharma’s secret connection with ‘RRR’ movie?

Kapil Sharma is certainly loved and hailed as one of the finest and most admired comedian artistes that we have in the country. It’s been many years now that Kapil has worked very hard on the Indian entertainment space and no brownie points for guessing, it has certainly brought results for him. A career that started many years back in reality shows and auditions, Kapil Sharma eventually managed to start his own comedy show and within a span of 2-3 episodes, he became an instant hit, much to the happiness and delight of one and all. Comedy and good sense of humour is something that goes hand in hand with someone like Kapil Sharma and he certainly does everything with brilliance for real. Owing to his busy schedule, he doesn’t get much time to chill and meet others.

However, guess what folks? This time, Kapil had a rather special meeting with a legendary writer. Well, it is none other than V Vijayendra Prasad. Kapil took to social media to share a post and wrote,

It was an honor spending time with the legend mr V. Vijayendra prasad. Member of Rajya sabha and the Writer of classic films like “Bahubali” “RRR” “makkhi” and many more. such a great humble and wonderful human much to learn from you sir. love regards and respect always.

Well, absolutely fantastic and amazing, right ladies and gentlemen? Brilliant, ain’t it? Let us know your views in the comments section below and for more updates, stay tuned to