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Check out: Funny Jennifer Aniston Video Drives Fans Crazy

Funny Jennifer Aniston Video Drives Fans Crazy

Jennifer Aniston, we all may know her by the role of Rachel Green from the TV series Friends from 1994-2004. She actress has been quite brilliant with her performance. Friends were one of the most comedy shows.

Jennifer Aniston is prominently seen doing some comedy roles. Jennifer has received a number of awards for her role in Friends and is recognized as one of the greatest female characters in American Television History. Even from the lead characters from Friends, Jennifer’s character was loved by many. That became a breakthrough in her career.

Jennifer is also a producer and a businesswoman. Jennifer is also a top fashion icon. Jennifer is in real life has a good sense of humour. She keeps on making people laugh.

Even until now, Friends is watched by every teen across the world. Jennifer played a huge role in making the show reach a higher level. All of her co-stars were perfect too.

There are many times when Jennifer has pulled pranks on the show as well as in real-life too. Let us have a quick look at it.

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