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Here are 5 Amazing Facts About Yo Yo Honey Singh's Career

5 Amazing Facts About Yo Yo Honey Singh’s Career

There is no one who would say no if asked about Yo Yo Honey Singh. Yo Yo Honey Singh is one of the most popular Pop Sensations in the Indian pop culture. He has delivered a number of big Punjabi hit and also many outstanding Bollywood songs.

He has also delivered many hit party songs like Party all night, Lungi Dance, Angreji Beat, Makhna, and the list goes on.

Here are some amazing facts about Yo Yo Honey Singh’s Career-
1. Yo Yo Honey Singh’s real name- Though he is widely recognized as Yo Yo Honey Singh, his real name is Hridesh Singh. He adopted the name during the start of his career.
2. Yo Yo Honey Singh’s first song- Honey Singh’s first Rap song was Glassy by Ashok Masti. The song won an award and thereafter his bright career started.
3. Yo Yo Honey Singh is the most expensive music artist in Bollywood- Honey Singh charged 70 lakh rupees for one song in Mastan. His talent and popularity have made him the most expensive artist of Bollywood.
4. Honey Singh did not charge for Lungi Dance- Many media reports claimed that Honey Singh didn’t charge for the song Lungi Dance in Shah Rukh Khan’s Chennai Express.
5. Honey Singh’s spots on YouTube’s list- Honey Singh’s song Brown Rang is to top spot and High Heels in collaboration with Jaz Dhami is on the fourth spot.

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