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These 5 Things We Like About BLACKPINK Rose!

5 Things We Like About BLACKPINK Rose

BLACKPINK, one of the best Korean selling artists and K-Pop girls band. It is a four member group, consisting of Rosé, Jennie, Jisoo and Lisa. Rosé is known as the goddess of looks as she knows how to pull and slay in every look.

Rosé has a beautiful and glowing skin that every girl craves for. She had a perfectly shaped figure that makes everyone feel jealous. Rosé has some exceptional qualities that everyone of us liked. Here are top 5 things of Rosé that we like-

1. She is multi-talented- Rosé auditioned at Melbourné at a very young age. She can sing and also dance well. Rosé is a perfect model.
2. Charismatic dancer- Besides from stealing hearts with her mesmerizing voice, she has made us fall for her with her sexy dance moves.
3. Best Hair Flips- Rosé loves to keep her hair long, we can often see her flipping her hair when dancing.
4. Top model in making- Rosé has a perfectly shaped body and she is a model in making.
5. Personal fashion sense- Rosé has her own versatile personal fashion sense, that makes her different from everyone.

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