TWICE Mina looks like an angel.

Aww-Dorable! TWICE Mina Is The Cutest, Here’s Why

Mina Myoi Mina, also known only as Mina, is a Japanese singer and dancer with American roots who now calls South Korea home. She was born Mina Sharon Myoi on March 24, 1997. The South Korean girl group Twice was founded by JYP Entertainment in 2015, and she is one of its three Japanese members.

Since her debut, Mina has gained recognition both domestically and overseas as one of Twice’s most talented dancers. According to the Chosun Ilbo, her popularity contributed to the improvement of ties between Japan and South Korea. She was ranked as the 20th most popular idol in South Korea in the 2019 Gallup Korea Annual Music Poll.

TWICE is known for its spectacular visuals, but member Mina’s beauty exudes an elegance that never fails to impress fans.

Here are five instances in which TWICE’s Mina appeared to be an actual angel due to her petite frame, lovely eyes, and delicate features.

[1] When a fan captured her stunning smile: The love the idol has for her is evident in her endearing smile.



[2] She simply snapped a selfie: Her visuals even make the images look like they were professionally made when she takes them in the waiting area before and after the performance.



[3] When she appeared for a Taste of Love concept photo: Although Mina appears to be a stunning angel in this picture, her glance is undoubtedly lethal.



[4] When she had on an angelic set of wings: Even though the red lighting seems to juxtapose her heavenly appearance, her delicate features continue to keep her looking stunningly innocent.



[5] When she had on an angelic set of wings: Mina seems even more like an angel in the photo, which was taken in much more subdued lighting as it was taken after the performance. Her light pink outfit complements her white wings.



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