Check out why 'Soup' House in South Korea Is Available For $7 For K-pop Fans

B.T.S. Airbnb: 'Soup' House in South Korea Is Available For $7 For K-pop Fans

A single night can be reserved on Airbnb at the opulent mansion where K-pop idols B.T.S. slept while filming the reality series B.T.S. In the Soop. The Grammy-nominated boy band resided in the villa during the second season of the program as they found time to reconnect with nature in the Pyeongchang countryside despite their busy schedules.

Fans of the program and members of the B.T.S. Army can make reservations to stay in the home and reenact scenes from it. For instance, they’ll be able to unwind as Jin did in a private pool on a unicorn-shaped float or like R.M. did in the study with a book. As Suga did in the Hybe-produced series, travelers will also have the opportunity to practice their guitar abilities, or they can unleash their inner V and paint some canvases. There is also the trampoline that Jungkook used to use, as well as a weight training area for individuals who desire to emulate Jimin.

Reservations for the house on Monday, August 29, for a single night are only $7, paying homage to the boy band’s seven members. Evenings can be spent at home eating some of the Dynamite singers’ favorite dishes, like charcoal-grilled Korean beef, which was referred to on stage as having “the best taste in the universe,” and tteokbokki, or simmering rice cakes. With a karaoke machine and sound system filled with B.T.S.’s back catalog, including their most recent anthology album Proof, which was released in June, get ready to sing and dance to all of the group’s biggest hits afterward.

The stay covers two people’s round-trip transportation from the K.T.X. Pyeongchang train station to the In the Soop B.T.S. facility, as well as overnight lodging, meals, and all incidentals. However, transportation to and from Pyeongchang, as well as flights to South Korea, are not included. The lucky couple who reserve the villa must consent to abide by any applicable Covid-19-related local laws, including the requirement to wear a face mask and engage in social withdrawal. On Tuesday, August 2, at 6 am U.A.E. time, Airbnb will begin accepting reservations for the B.T.S. house.

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