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Top secret beauty routine of Jennie revealed

This Is BLACKPINK Jennie’s Beauty Secret To Glowing Skin

When it comes to K-pop stars and their glass-like skin, everyone is in love and wishes for the same skin as theirs. People are obsessed with their beauty and the skincare routine that they religiously follow. In the last few years, markets have been flooding with products from South Korea, and people have started to adopt their way of beauty rituals.

Jennie is one such gang member who has an unusual secret when it comes to her glowing skin. All the Blackpink girls follow a specific type of self-care routine that is popular, and masses love to mimic. But one such member who has a pretty unusual way of keeping her skin glowing and flawless is Jennie.

When Jennie was asked how she takes care of and pampers her skin, what she revealed seemed a bit different from the others. But it is quite simple to follow. According to Jennie, she uses two face masks to improve her skin. But she doesn’t do it anymore.

Instead, Jennie has switched to focusing on her diet and not beauty products. Every morning she starts her day with a detox juice and chicken feet collagen soup. And one of the primary and most important things to do is keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.

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