Jennie of Blackpink has achieved great success at a young age, therefore it is only fitting that she uses her fortune to pursue her interests. A mansion and opulent apparel are two examples. When news reports revealed that Jennie had purchased a residence in a posh area of Seoul, fans were extremely impressed, and if the peeks we have had through the years are any indication, her home is one stunning piece of architecture!

Although Jennie has always kept her personal matters very private, occasionally we get a glimpse into her equally spectacular existence. She divulged a lot about her house in her first-ever YouTube video, Hello World, but she has also posted a few pictures of her lavish home on Instagram. See all the times we visited Jennie at home, from eccentric statement pieces to large Christmas trees:

How Much Does BLACKPINK Jennie’s Home Cost?

Her home has three bathrooms, four bedrooms, and two levels. Jennie’s house is 420m2, or 4,628.48 square feet, in size overall. It is estimated to cost between 5.5 billion and 6.5 billion won ($4.3 million to $5.1 million), or Korean Won and US Dollars.

Jennie furnishes her home with expensive furniture. She spends about $1,200 on her mirror, which she frequently uses to take selfies and displays numerous hands holding lipsticks.

Jennie overspent and spent almost $5,500 on a 6.6 million won pine tree for Christmas.

Fans questioned whether the image was of her kitchen or home because it is so gorgeous when she posts a photo of herself cooking.

The majority of Jennie’s photographs prominently display her appreciation of pastel hues.