Blackpink’s Jennie is unquestionably one of the haute couture emblems of this era. She is also one of the most prominent, with a whopping number of followers on Instagram.

Jennie is equally enthusiastic about fashion as she is about music, irrespective of her onstage performances, out with her teammates during downtime, or any other. Speaking of fashion, when someone is so dear to vogue, it’s a given that she/he would be a brand fanatic. That being said, Jennie has her own favourite luxury brands on her list.

Owing to that, here we have listed down her most favourite luxe brands as mentioned in SCMP:


Back in December 2022, despite having a packed schedule Jennie decided to attend Le Raphia, Jacquemus’ spring/summer 2023 show which was held outside Paris. That says how much she loves the brand Jacquemus.

Blackpink’s Jennie and her favourite luxe brands 758922

Marine Serre

The brand’s ‘cotton tea towel top’, which Jennie once wore to watch Coachella, decided to make of repurposed and recycled fabric and stores with just about US$500, as mentioned in Koreaboo. This fashion statement sent a solid message to the world: sustainability.

Blackpink’s Jennie and her favourite luxe brands 758923


Jennie sported a raging, staggering, cheetah-print custom Alaa—a bodysuit and attire with a balaclava covering her nose—in the Blackpink music video for “Pink Venom.” The singer has heretofore worn Alaa apparel in casual settings.

Blackpink’s Jennie and her favourite luxe brands 758924


Blackpink’s Jennie and her favourite luxe brands 758925

The brand’s luxurious, well-made, and extraordinary pieces are designed for major occasions. And therefore, the Blackpink girls were all veiled in the brand’s classic apparel designs during their Pink Venom showcase.

Blackpink is one of the most venerated girlbands from the K-pop music genre. The girlband has earned their recognition given their powerful singles to date. In between, the girl band was on a break, however, now that they are back together, they are all set to rock the world again with their world tours and more incoming albums.