Are BTS Suga and Ed Sheeran working together?

Are BTS’s Suga and Ed Sheeran Coming Together?

Readers, you may or may not be a fan of Ed Sheeran but there’s absolutely no way you can dislike the vibrancy and the positive aura around his song ‘Despacito’ which turned him into an overnight global sensation. Ed Sheeran is someone whose fan following isn’t just limited to normal music lovers. His fan following spreads evenly within the global music industry as well and one person who has always expressed his admiration for ED is BTS fame Suga.

So, the bottomline is, are Suga and Ed Sheeran coming together?

Well, reports in suggest that Suga had once expressed his desire to collaborate with Ed Sheeran way back in 2018 which got fans of both Suga and Ed excited. Ed too had earlier once expressed his desire to collaborate with K-pop artistes however sad to say readers, the ‘dream’ collaboration hasn’t really materialized yet.

But hey hang on, better late than never right? It will truly be a musical delight for fans if Ed and Suga come together for a project.

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