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Learn more about Kirill Korshikov's innovative dance fundraising festival

Dance online to fight the virus: social media influencer Kirill Korshikov organizes dance fundraising festival

It’s an indisputable fact that the current pandemic situation has greatly affected almost every layer of our society. Restricted to being at home, people all around the world turn their attention to dance more and more often, as dance is one of the best ways to remove stress, do some physical exercise and raise your spirits. Witnessing the seemingly unstoppable spread of the coronavirus, social dancers worldwide didn’t succumb to despair, and instead of just sitting at home lazily, created a teeming worldwide Internet community.

Social media influencer and entrepreneur, Kirill Korshikov made an invaluable contribution to this online movement with the help of his Social Dance TV video channel. In March 2020, he organized a social dance fundraising festival, the profits from which were donated to COVID-19 relief efforts. Among his other notable charity participations in the anti-COVID fight is the arrangement of online classes held by top teachers from around the world, and, of course, the May 2020 “Social Dancing on Quarantine” challenge. The dance challenge, involving the best kizomba, bachata and salsa social dancers from all over the world, ensured its popularity and huge success.

The importance of online dance events, such as those organized by Kirill, lies not only in gathering charity funds but also in cheering people and giving them a perfect option to stay fit and happy without having the necessity to attend illegal gatherings or parties. Social Dance TV gives its viewers the opportunity to enjoy dancing, both by seeing other people do it and by participating themselves. The video channel became a media platform of wide renown that allows dance artists to perform in front of a wide audience and gives the social dance community a wonderful sense of unity and liveliness despite the pandemic circumstances.

As well as millions of other social dancers all around the globe, Kirill Korshikov eagerly waits for the epidemic restrictions to end. However, while waiting for it to happen, he does an amazing job, further developing his channel and adding new content for the online audience. “More than ever, we need to dance to remind the world that humanity still exists,” says Kirill.

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