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Over the years as s we have come across several singers in the Bollywood music industry who have stolen our hearts with their exceptional talent. But there are two such singers who stand out from the rest and we need your help to decide who the true queen of stage is.

Dhvani Bhanushali VS Neha Kakkar: The queen of stage

Dhvani Bhanushali is one of the finest singers in the country in today’s day and time. She has provided us with some of the best songs. She debuted with the song Ishtehaar in the movie industry and then in the year 2018 she sang the song Dilbar from the movie Satyameva Jayate which was one of the top hit tracks of 2018. The star also collaborated with Nikhil D’souza to make the song Vaaste which went viral on YouTube.

On the other hand we have Neha Kakkar, who is one of the best singers we have ever known. She first started off on the telly reality show Indian Idol when she was just a teenager. She then released her own album that was composed by the Meet Bros. The star is now loved by millions and this is mainly because she has provided us with some of the top party anthems like Coca Cola, Kala Chashma and Said Raja.

We think both the singers are equally good and can’t seem to decide as to who is the queen of stage and here is where we are asking you to let us know below who you think is the true queen of stage.

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