A R Rahman is a legend in the music industry and the experience of seeing him perform live is on a while other level.

Why you should experience the magic of A.R. Rahman when he performs live

When it comes to music, A.R Rahman is one of the biggest sensations in India and his is the level that many try to achieve but seldom manage to get even close enough. However, there is a whole different feel to concerts and live performances, which, if you are a true music connoisseur then you will get all too well. Anyone who has gone to a concert or attended live performance of Bollywood singers knows that everyone sitting in that room is always waiting for the legend that is A R Rahman, to appear on stage.

Not just in India but even internationally, the singer cum music director cum composer has mesmerized everyone with his masterstrokes. The Academy award winner music director doesn’t use mixing and other such recent tools and softwares much so what you hear from him is organic and very soulful! Thus his live concerts are absolutely a treat to the ears and a sheer delight to watch as well.

We have all listened to the magical performances in TV or Radio but believe us when we say that is a whole other experienced to feel it in his live concerts. His live concerts will touch you straight in your heart. You’ll get to witness firsthand, the magical excellence and expertise in the musical arena of this man. But his performances are extremely rare and that is why they fill up , and we hope the concert buffs have read this and made a mental note.

Such is the power of his music and his enchanting presence that you simply can’t keep away from A R Rahman’s live performances. So if there is one near you, don’t miss the chance to experience the magic yourelf.

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