Know the beauty secrets of Blackpink star Jisoo

Jisoo and her secret to beauty REVEALED

If you are a lover and fan of the K-Pop genre, you must be well aware of the fact that the Blackpink girl band group is one of the most talented and popular K-Pop girl band groups around the world. Ever since the K-Pop genre found relevance and popularity all around the world, Blackpink became one of the most popular girl groups not just at sensational live concerts but also on social media. And talking about the presence on social media, the biggest icon of Blackpink on social media has to be Jisoo. Jisoo’s natural beauty makes her the eye candy and visual delight of all her lovers around the world and each and every time she rocks the steps with her hook steps, their hearts skip a beat or two. So what exactly is Jisoo’s beauty secret? Let’s find out

As per kpopcelebupdate. com, Jisoo once revealed that she suffers from excessively dry skin and hence the way out for her was using facial masks frequently, atleast two to three times in a day.

As per reports, Jisoo also likes to begin her day with fresh-cut fruits and juices. She also believes in thorough exfoliation of the skin to let the pores breathe.

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