By listening to a few of Sonu Nigam's unique, energizing songs, make your Monday more special.

Make Your Monday Special By Listening To Some Special Songs By Sonu Nigam

Here are some incredible Sonu Nigam’s songs that will transport you to the 1990s and lift your spirits.

We used to be able to distinguish voices. Voices for their musical or speech-pattern abilities. Many individuals had no notion what a Mohammed Rafi or Lata Mangeshkar song looked like, despite being devoted fans of their music for many years. They may have stumbled upon a tiny, hazy image in a magazine or newspaper. Sonu Nigam is probably the last member of that generation still capable of using his voice alone to light up a room and work studio magic. Sonu had never performed in public before opting to do so for his music videos. Beginning his career as a studio singer, Nigam worked for a few years. Here, we’re looking at some of his best songs, where he shines out as our generation’s undeniable king of melody.

Kal ho na ho

Mere Haath mein

Tumse milke dil ka

Inn lamhon ke daaman me

Shukran Allah