Throwback to Neha Kakkar's Indian Idol days, remembering some of her best to worst performances

Neha Kakkar’s BEST And WORST Performances From Indian Idol

Neha Kakkar, the music industry’s queen, has gathered a considerable fan base for her fantastic voice. She had to do tremendous hard work and, most importantly, believe in herself, which finally helped her reach her goal. Today she is a well-known phenomenon of the whole music industry. But who was Neha Kakkar before all this fame and name? How did she manage to reach such a great pillar of success?

A girl belonging to a small town in Uttarakhand who with her family later moved to Delhi. Neha Kakkar’s father used to sell samosas outside school and college. She was a girl from a simplistic family who rose to fame and became a familiar name to everyone across the nation. She began small by earning 50 rupees singing at holy gatherings to now earning in lakhs per song.

Neha Kakkar was also a contestant at Indian Idol season 2 and later, she made a comeback to become the judge for the show. Remember the young Neha Kakkar who used to sing songs to impress the judges and have the audience vote. Here are some of the most worth remembering and the worst performances by Neha on the show.

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