Rose McGowan praised Nicki Minaj on Twitter for standing up to the "ruling elite."

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Rose McGowan, an American actress, stepped out in favor of Grammy-nominated artist Nicki Minaj, who defended herself against officials from US President Joe Biden, who denied her allegation that she was called to the White House for a discussion regarding vaccination hesitancy.
Rose McGowan, who is also an activist, expressed her thoughts on the situation on Twitter, praising the rapper for standing up to the “mighty elite.” “I stand with Nicki Minaj and everyone else who sees what’s going on.
We both know the powerful elite, and it’s unlikely you do.” According to Rose McGowan’s post, “If you’re panicking out because she stated something you don’t believe, it’s probably because you’re afraid of delving too deeply into the nation.”
Nicki Minaj joined the national conversation over Covid-19 in the United States by expressing her concerns about the vaccination. According to Fox News, her words inspired a group of her supporters to stage a protest outside the CDC’s Atlanta headquarters on Wednesday, with one vociferous supporter stating, “We should all doubt this vaccine.”
“Nicki Minaj told me the truth!” the activists chanted, wearing masks and surgical gloves. According to WGCL-TV footage, Fauci “lied to me!”
She also made headlines when she claimed that a coronavirus vaccine caused impotence and swollen testicles in her cousin’s Trinidadian buddy, a claim that many politicians and health officials ignored.

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