Winner of two National Awards, screenplay and dialogue writer, lyricist, playback singer, actor and assistant director. No, we are not talking about five different people. In fact, we are referring to one of Bollywood’s most prominent personalities, Swanand Kirkire. Blessed with a voice that can tug at your heart’s strings and the congenital ability to put into thoughts those words that resonate in our hearts.

Recently, there have been a lot of changes in the Bollywood industry, some good and some not so great. While we can still deal with nepotism and half-bad movies, when it comes to lyrics, music lovers can quickly bring out their critiques hats. At this time when Bollywood is dishing out some seriously cringe-worthy and nonsensical lyrics, Swanand Kirkire’s poetic lyrics are truly a silver lining in these dark clouds. In fact, his lyrics are so good that they have been recognized not just by the audience at large but also by the Indian government monitored National Film Awards.

Here are some of the most poetic lyrics by Swanand Kirkire that will melt your heart instantly!

1. Behti Hawa – 3 Idiots:

Sulagati dhup mein chhanv ke jaisa
Registaan mein gaanve ke jaisa
mann ke ghab pe marham jaisa who
Ham sehame se rehate kuye mein
Woh nadiya mein gote lagaata
Ulati dhaara cher ke tairata tha who
Baadal aawaara tha woh, pyaar hamaara tha who
Kahaan gaya usse dhundo

2. Bande Main Tha Dum, Vande Maataram – Lage Raho Munna Bhai

Ainak pehne, lathi pakde chalte the woh shaan se
Zaalim kaape thar thar, thar thar, sun kar unka naam re
Kad tha unka chota sa aur sarpat unki chal re
Duble se patle se the woh, chalte seena taan ke
Bande mein tha dum, vande mataram

3. Navrai Majhi – English Vinglish:

Navrai majhi laadachi laadachi ga
Avad hila chandrachi chandrachi ga
Navrai majhi navsaache navsaache ga
Apsara jashi indrachi indrachi ga
Baurai chali sharmaati ghabraati wo
Piya ke ghar ithlaati balkhaati wo
Surmai naina chhalkaati-chhalkati wo
Piya ke ghar bharmaati sakuchaati wo

4. Ye Fitoor Mera – Fitoor

Banke dhuaan woh
Tujh tak jaa pahunchi, parvardigara.
Deewangi ki hadd maine nochi, oh parvardigara
Ye fitoor mera laaya mujhko hai tere kareeb
Ye fitoor mera…

5. Aashiyan – Barfi!

Dabe dabe paaon se
Aaye haule haule zindagi
Honthon pe ungli chadha ke
Hum taale laga ke chal
Gumsum tarane chupke chupke gaaye
Aadhi aadhi baat le
Aaja dil ki yeh zameen
Thoda sa tera sa hoga
Thoda mera bhi hoga apna yeh aashiyan