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When Jungkook expressed his respect and love for Justin Bieber

Times When BTS’ Jungkook Expressed His Love For Justin Bieber

If you talk about the global music fraternity today, there’s no doubt about the fact that Justin Bieber is one of the biggest icons and inspirations and just like billions of young musicians around the world, BTS boyband leader Jeon Jungkook too was inspired by Justin Bieber in many ways before stepping in the world of music. The entire world knows today that Jungkook admires JB to a great extent and even Justin Bieber has gone on record to say how much he appreciates Jungkook. So today, we tell you about three special moments when Jungkook expressed his love and admiration for Justin Bieber. Take a look –

During an interview with celebrity host OZY in 2017, when Jungkook was asked about who he considers his inspiration, Jungkook had taken Justin Bieber’s name which was loved by the BTS army and Beliebers

Jungkook is one individual who loves to cover hit songs and once, he had covered Justin and David Guetta’s ‘2U’ which went viral on the internet

Last but not the least, Jungkook danced on stage during one of his live concerts to Justin’s famous track ‘Sorry’ and fans were certainly enthralled and mesmerized

These three occasions certainly prove Jungkook’s love and admiration for Justin Bieber. What do you all have to say about it readers?

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