BTS J-Hope enlisted in mandatory military service on 17th April. ARMY were requested to avoid gathering for Hobi’s farewell. And so the idol entered the training centre in a vehicle without creating any ruckus. While the other band members, Jimin, Jungkook, V, Suga, and RM, followed him in a car to the entrance of the military camp. Not just this, the eldest of the band currently serving in the military welcomes his homies, Hobi.

BTS Jin Welcome Post

Jin-Jungkook: BTS Boys Bid Farewell To J-Hope Like Perfect 7 798796

Jin-Jungkook: BTS Boys Bid Farewell To J-Hope Like Perfect 7 798800

On his Instagram account, Jin shared two pictures with all seven boys present to bid farewell to Hobi Hyung. And in the caption, he wrote, “nxt person.”

Reportedly BTS J-Hope will come back next year on 17th October 2024. The idol revealed the news of his military enlistment a couple of months ago, and since then, fans have been emotional and eagerly waiting for the day he would leave. However, in his last live session on the Weverse app, J-Hope promised his fans he would return soon and safely. Also, he talked about learning English and will give his best at it.

All seven members adore Hobi and wish him well in the shared pictures. Reacting to Hobi’s farewell, fans spammed Twitter with tweets. Check them below-

A user said, “The loyalty of BTS and the fandom culture of the ARMY shone
In the past, celebrities’ enlistment sites were crowded with numerous reporters and fans to see them
However, BTS & ARMY were different. Upon hearing the news of J-Hope’s enlistment, which has a large fan club.”

The other said, “I love you, army ?? ill go and return well/safely!”

“Are you going to say to your kids “I’m your hope, you’re my hope, I’m j-hope?”
?️ I’ll do it the moment they’re born.
And we melt! ???,” said the third.

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