Teenagers are obsessed with K-Pop, and BTS is one of the genre’s most prominent bands.

Do you know a stan who has to know everything about the frontman Jungkook, including his age, true name, nickname, and interests? This list of Jungkook’s fun facts is exactly what you’re looking for!

We just cannot overlook the name of BTS poster boy and lead vocalist Jeon Jungkook while discussing the incredibly hip and ‘in vogue’ K-pop music. Jungkook is the South Korean music industry’s craze, and his beautiful boyish charm is what makes him the eye candy and crush of millions of ladies. His fame and fanbase are so strong that he was the most-searched K-pop idol on Google in 2019. While you may believe you know everything there is to know about your favorite superstar Jungkook, our goal today is to share with you some of the finest undiscovered facts about BTS wonder Jungkook. Have a look at them below –

Jungkook previously wished to be a professional badminton player.

He joined BTS at the age of 15 and was the group’s “youngest member.”

He stands 178 cm tall and weighs 61 kilograms.

Jungkook does not follow any religion.

His favorite foods are cheese, melon, and apple mango.

He used to desire to be a badminton player when he was small.

Jungkook also revealed to supporters that he had considered joining the army.

He went to Baek Hyang Middle School and subsequently to the Seoul Academy of Performing Arts.

Jungkook began high school a year later than his friends due to his early start in the music industry.

He has a Busan accent that he can’t shake, but he aspires to one day be able to employ both a Seoul and a Busan accent since he is proud of his heritage. He currently resides in South Korea with BTS in their hostel, and he also has a condo in Seoul.

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Source: Kidadl