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Know these True And Shocking Secrets Of Blackpink Girls

The True And Shocking Secrets Of Blackpink Girls


BlackPink is one of the best K-Pop girls band that have won hearts of millions. It is a four member group- Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa. The group was formed by YG Entertainment.

The girls have a hit and sexy figure and each time they drop a picture their fans go crazy.

Below are some true and shocking secrets of the BlackPink’s girls:

1. They hold the record of most viewed music video by a K-Pop band.

2. Highest charting South-Korean girls band of all time.

3. BlackPink has more YouTube followers than anyone else.

4. The BlackPink girls speak about 5 different languages.

5. BlackPink’s fans are nicknamed as Blinks.

6. Have their own television show.

7. They have a high quality songs.

8. Jisoo’s nickname is Cold Nadongie.

9. Jennie’s nickname is Human Gucci.

10. Lisa was the only Thai cotestant and hopeful to be accepted at Thailand Idol Auditions.

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