The Blackpink girls are currently loved and rated all over the globe as the most loved and admired female K-pop entertainment squad in the world at present. All the members of the squad have got tremendous love and appreciation from people and they certainly deserve all of it. While all the four girls get a lot of love and appreciation, one girl who’s certainly at the forefront of things in this department is Blackpink’s Jennie. The best thing about Jennie has to be the fact that such is her charm and popularity that anything and everything that she does manages to become a reason of global celebration and happiness. Blinks love her unconditionally and she’s earned it with her hard work and charisma over the years.

So, as far as Jennie is concerned ladies and gentlemen, what all can we expect from Jennie this time? Well, although nothing concrete is really known about what she’s having in her mind since she hasn’t revealed anything directly, we feel that there are plenty of group songs, singles and some nice modeling projects and digital collaborations that we can expect from her end. Well, the update in itself is fascinating, ain’t it?

On the work front, Jennie has quite a lot in her platter right now and hence, we at IWMBuzz would like to wish her good luck for everything going forward. Hey Blinks, do you all agree with our viewpoint? Let us know your views in the comments section below and for more updates, stay tuned to