Singer Udit Narayan is immeasurably pleased with his signature song Papa kehte hain bada naam karega being a part of the biopic Srikanth. “I am so happy it is such an integral part of the film Srikanth, and that too in the original voice. Mine! It would be unbearable for me to hear someone else sing it. Earlier Anil Sharmaji got me and my son Aditya to do a new version of my song Main nikla gadi leke from Gadar. Agar purane gaane phir se ho toh awaaz original honi chahiye.I am grateful,relieved and happy my voice remains in Papa kehte hain”

Recalls Udit, “While composing the song Papa kehte hain we felt there was something about it, something very special. But we never imagined it would go so far,”

As the song resonates with a whole new generation of fans by its inclusion as the theme song of the Srikanth Bolla bio-pic , Udit says he is surprised by how far Papa kehta hain bada naam karega has gone.

“When Aamir Khan was being launched in Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, the director Mansoor Ali Khan needed a young vibrant youth anthem , a song that described the uncertain adventures of the young as they stepped into the real world . They wanted to make their parents proud . Majrooh Sultanpuri Saab captured the essence of youthful aspirations, although he was 60-plus years old back then,” recalls Udit.

The music composer was supposed to be Rahul Dev Burman , but it was actually Anand-Milind.

Recalls Udit, “The producer Nasir Hussain Saab who was the director Mansoor’s son, had always worked with Pancham Dada(RD). He wanted Mansoor to work with Pancham Dada. But Mansoor couldn’t vibe with Pancham Dada. He opted for the newcomers, brothers Anand-Milind who are the sons of the late composer Chitragupta. And what a score Anand-Milind gave!”

Udit gives credit for Papa kehte hain where it is due. “No singer can lift a bad composition. It is because Anand-Milind came up with such a winsome tune that Papa kehte hain became so special.”