Shaan talks to IWMBuzz on being misrepresented in the Deepika Padukone JNU visit issue. Read the story exclusively here for more details

JNU Row: It’s all rubbish. I have not been enlisted by any political party – Shaan

The entire controversy around the CAA stand is something a lot of people are battling with. While a lot of people are unaware of the whole situation, the ruling political party recently conducted a meeting with some of the stalwarts of the entertainment industry and it included none other than Bollywood’s beloved singer, Shaan.

Shaan was invited as one of the attendees to attend the meeting where the pro’s and con’s of the act would be explained. But recently he faced unwarranted and unnecessary criticism when he was tagged as an ‘enlisted candidate’ by the BJP to counter Deepika Padukone’s visit to JNU.

Citing this as completely wrong, Shaan cleared his stand on social media and also spoke to us about the situation and we quote –

‘Its all rubbish. By no means have I been enlisted as a candidate to counter Deepika or anyone. Like any other sensible person would not, I do not support what happened with the students at JNU and I feel so bad and sorry about the whole thing. I have been misquoted and misrepresented by the portal. Its a misrepresenting headline. I went there as I was invited to know what the situation was. There were many lawyers as well while the meeting was on. When the meeting was on, JNU didn’t happen and Deepika too went there the next day. So I was present there before Deepika was even there. So how can I be enlisted to counter Deepika’s presence which happened later?

Adding further to his statements, he said,

‘I don’t want to drag the situation forward and hence I issued a clarification on my social media. But anybody who propagates such lies and falsehood are nothing short of dumbheads and idiots who do this to malice your reputation without any reason. I stand entirely in solidarity with the students and I don’t support any violence at all and especially against students. I have been misrepresented and hence I had to come out clear and open.

We at IWMBuzz thank Shaan for talking to us and for clearing his stand further. For more such updates, stay tuned to

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