Ketaki Mategaonkar debuts with Hindi music video. Read here.

Renowned singer Ketaki Mategaonkar comes up with her first Hindi music video

Tum Mil Jao featuring Ketaki Mategaonkar and Zaid Darbar will leave you all giddy and for all the right reasons!

A Times Music presentation, ‘Tum Mil Jao’ will make you all heart eyes even way after Valentine’s! It is a catchy track with soulful lyrics. It will catch up on you immediately with its music and melodious voice.

Ketaki Mategaonkar has sung the song and also features in the video, composed by Anurag Saikia, music arrangement by Anubhav Gogoi and has been penned by Basant Chaudhary. It is directed by Sandeep Sharma and the song is produced by CG Entertainment, Nepal.

The video features popular actress and singer who has given immense hits like “Timepass”, “Shala” and with a humongous fan base; the ethereally beautiful  Ketaki Mategaonkar and the very handsome actor, performer – Zaid Darbar. Ketaki and Zaid play a cute couple. A small incident changes their day and begins a search. This story expresses her emotions throughout the day, one might watch the video to experience the emotions aptly!

Zaid Darbar is a famous Tik Tok Influencer and is known for his dancing skills as well.

“Tum Mil Jao is such a soul-stirring song that I am sure everyone will relate to. There are some emotions that you experience only when you are in love. This song has captured one such emotion. This song has come from a very special place in my heart. The set, costumes and the crew was just fabulous. I am very glad about how the video gives life to the song,” said Ketaki Mategaonkar.


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