Check out the full video of Sonu Nigam and what he has to say about the alleged fight incident at his latest Chembur concert in Mumbai

Watch: Sonu Nigam breaks silence on ‘fight row’ in Chembur concert, see full video

Sonu Nigam is one of the most prolific and phenomenal singers that we are blessed to have in the Indian entertainment industry. The man has been truly mesmerizing one and all and winning the hearts of everyone with his presence and well, that’s why, we truly love every bit of it and for real. Over the years, Sonu Nigam has delivered some really amazing and blockbuster tracks. Be it film songs or independent solo tracks and music videos, Sonu Nigam has been on top of his game everywhere. As of now, reports in the media suggest that majority of the time Sonu Nigam remains outside Mumbai and comes here only due to work.

As far as Sonu Nigam is concerned, we recently heard really surprising and shocking news coming from his end. As per media reports, Sonu Nigam and his bodyguard alongside aide were manhandled at a concert in Chembur. Post the incident, Sonu Nigam filed a complaint with the Mumbai Police. Soon after that, he left Mumbai and before doing the same, he was spotted addressing the media. See the full video below –

Well, what’s your take on this incident ladies and gentlemen? What do you all have to say about Sonu Nigam’s words? Wer DW