The journey of Jonita Gandhi

YouTube to Playback: The incredible journey of Jonita Gandhi

Talking about singers who are soaring to great heights in today’s day and time, we must not miss out on a very eminent name, Jonita Gandhi. She is a famous Indian singer who was raised and brought up in Canada. The Indo-Canadian singer seems to be stealing hearts left and right with her magical voice. The singer is already developing a huge fan base for herself with her melodious voice.she is known for making some generous contributions to the music industry through her gifted talent of singing.

While most of us know her as a singer to many Hindi songs, a lesser known fact is that she has also sung songs in other Indian languages like Tamil, Punjabi and Gujarati. The singer has also recorded some great English and French hits. She was inspired at a very young age to join the music industry when she discovered her talent of singing. She first started singing when she was very young at family occasions organized by her father and then moved on to performing gigs as she grew older. She then made herself a YouTube channel called Jonitamusic where she posted covers and her own unique renditions of some great hits and seemed to receive love and support from fans. She then started soaring to greater heights after being recognized by famous singers in the country and then debuted in the Bollywood industry. She has sung some great tracks the title track for Chennai Express and the very famous Break Up Song.

We hope to see Jonita soaring to greater heights and providing us with more hits. Stay tuned with us for more updates on your favourite celebs.

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