These YouTube voices have overshadowed the popularity of Bollywood singers

4 Famous Indian YouTube Singers Who Are More Popular Than Bollywood Singers

In present times, you don’t have to step into Bollywood to have an established popular career. Today’s search of pure and true talent is not just by claiming your worth through reality television shows. If you have the desire and dedication to your work, you can become an overnight sensation without needing any godfather’s blessings. We have numerous famous artists and singers who have made a name for themselves through YouTube.

Here are fabulous four singers that have outshone the Bollywood music singers and have become a viral sensation. Listening to their voice, you will instantly subscribe to them.

DOT, aka Aditi Saigal, is a 21-year-old singer and songwriter. Her voice is a treat to our musical taste buds. She will make you fall in love with her soft and soulful voice. One of her most famous songs includes ‘Everybody Dances To Techno.’

Vidya Vox became an overnight sensation for her amazing mashups. She used to mix Bollywood songs with English pop creating an incredible mixture. Thalaivi is a song that she has sung, dedicating for her mother, grandmother, and women.

Tushar Joshi, if you have heard the song, Yeh Fitoor Mera, you will know the name. His voice will leave you spellbound and also make you believe why YouTube singers are better.

Darshit Nayak is one of the most popular singers on YouTube. His cover song Woh Lamhey gathered over 2 million views making him top cover singers.

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