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Burn those extra calories out while listening to Emiway Bantai sing and motivate

5 Emiway Bantai’s Songs for Your Gym Playlist

Everyone is in love with the shape of how they indeed are. But with four months in quarantine, surely the majority of you have gained some extra pounds or have not been able to go to the gym. Why not make your comfort zone that is your home a place to workout? And get somebody turning and try to get rid of laziness that has been built up in the last four months.

You can hit the gym, go swimming, cycling, or workout at home. But you will always need some music to boost and motivate you to help push yourself beyond your limits. So get into your shorts, filling your water bottle, popping your iPod, and play some Emiway Bantai’s music.

When we listen to rap music, first names to pop in our heads are Eminem, Lil Wayne, Drake, and so on. Still, while working out, we need to be desi while choosing our music because it is desi music that helps the most, so why not listen to some Emiway Bantai’s records to help you work out and get your sweats rolling and in the mood for pumping some weights.


Boht Hard

Gully Ka Kutta

Dundhke Dikha

Firse Machayenge

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